2023 Finalists

Sawmilling and Processing Excellence Award  

Stephanie Beck – Borg Manufacturing  
Ian Poole South West Fibre  
Andrew Burston – OneFortyOne  
Logistics Excellence Award – Port Operations, Marshalling & Timber Haulage  
Leo Santilli  – Trimble Forestry  
Adam Merrett – Merrett Logging  
John Garrihy – Porthaul  
Operations – Harvesting and Infield Chipping Excellence Award  
Stuart Thornton – Komatsu Forest  
Adrian Ryan – C3  
Robert Moretti – Moreland Holdings  
Jamie Marlow – Merrett Logging  
Travis McCourt – Reid Logging  
Darren Moore – Qube Forestry  
Tony Bogie – Tabeel Trading  
Operations – Silviculture and Timber Support Services Award  
Josh Praolini – Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub  
Katie Madex – Technical Forest Services  
Jason Whyte – Berry & Whyte Surveyors    
Safety Excellence – Individual Award  

Vicki Charlton – OneFortyOne  
Deb Kuhl – Timberlink Australia and New Zealand
Ryan Cassar – Tabeel Trading Nominees  
Dean Jaensch – South West Fibre  
Trainee / Apprentice of the Year Award  
Connor Barry – OneFortyOne  
Ameila Harris – Van Schaiks BioGro  
Grace Tse – Timberlands Pacific  
Ethan Telford – Qube Forestry  
Matthew Dowson – Timberlink Australia and New Zealand
Environment & Sustainability Award  
Levi Bateman – HVP Plantations  
Wendy Fennell – Fennell Forestry  
Justin Cook – OneFortyOne  
Ern Harrison – The Flying Angel Portland Inc (Mission to Seafarers Portland)
Safety Excellence Award – More than 30 Staff  
Moreland Holdings  
LV Dohnt  
Whitty Engineering  
Merrett Logging
Safety Excellence Award – Less than 30 Staff  
Glenara Transport  
A & M Contracting  
Portland Precision Engineering
2023 Timber Legend Award Nominees  
Mr. Peter Stephens of Moreland Holdings  
Mr. Wayne Mutch –of South East Pine Sales  
Mr. Shane Neal of Fennell Forestry  
Dr. Jim O’Hehir of UniSA  
Mr. Brenton Yon of Komatsu Forest  
Mr. Jeff Cownie of Timberlands Pacific  
Mr. Colin & Mr. John Reid of Reid Logging  
Mr. Neil Hunter of AKD Softwoods  
Mr. Noel Bull of SFM