See the Category Awards Criteria here.

An opportunity exists for you to nominate an industry person or company that deserves to be recognised for their contribution to the forestry industry. We are seeking suitable candidates that reflect all sectors and work within the Green Triangle region so the industry as a whole can celebrate the high achievers and players that hold credible status within the industry.

The value proposition for nominees to be finalists and winners will generate industry opportunities and will grow the profile of  the region  to  benefit businesses and  industry.

You can nominate yourself or nominate others.

If you would like help in preparation of your nomination
please contact the event manager.

Get involved, nominate today and step up.


Part 1
Reasons for Nomination
(each of these points must be no less than 200 words):

Provide us with a reason for your nomination of this company and/or individual and clearly guide your answer with the criteria for the elected category ie. demonstrate high quality of work output, show recognition by their peers and employers, compliance, training, health & safety practises and productivity. THIS IS IDEALLY A LETTER OF SUPPORT FROM THEIR EMPLOYER OR SUPERVISOR

Part 2
Profile Provide a company/individual
profile relevant to the category

If an individual, comment on character traits, inside and outside of the work place. This is ideally completed by the nominee (no less than 250 words, do not go over 500 words)

Part 3
List Qualifications and experience, and for company
any history that is deemed relevant

Part 4
Please provide photograph

Please provide a photograph for promotion and collateral at the awards, representative of company or a logo.

Part 5

Please provide an endorsement letter Finally please provide an endorsement letter. THIS IS IDEALLY COMPLETED BY THE PRINCIPAL COMPANY OR FOREST OWNER